9 Apr

  • Add and modify typography elements

  • editing "H3" Size & Lineheight (Desktop).

  • editing "H4" Size & Lineheight (Desktop and Tablet).

  • adding "Subtitle 3".

  • editing "Subtitle 1" (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile).

  • Add and modify colors

  • adding "Gray #700" level.

  • editing "Gray #500" and "Gray #600".

  • Fixing Styleguide Navigation

  • adding "Changelog" Page.

  • adding as a component.


5 Apr

  • Defining BIMLOGIQ typography elements

  • adding "headings", "subtitles", "bodies", and "buttons" elements in text styles and defining them based on breakpoints and typeface.

  • defining scale levels and lineheights for each element

  • Defining BIMLOGIQ color system

  • adding "main", "grays", and "semantic" colors to color styles and defining them based on choosen BIMLOGIQ brand colors.

  • defining levels based on the requirements of user interface design.

  • Add style-guide pages and content

  • adding "Styleguide", "Typography", and "Colors" Page with proper content.